Possible in a range of three options

Hydromar light mast MY planet Nine  Fore deck MOB with light mast function  Hydromar STEEL FAT Light mast

Hydromar, the Dutch supplier of hydraulic equipment for superyachts, further expands her standardised product range with three light mast solutions.  Rob Montijn, Sales & Marketing director: “The need for development came from a project for one of our clients quit some years ago. The need for standardisation and improving the budget initiated this new product line. Because of a lack of space we have mounted a light mast function on top of the deck crane. Besides saving space another advantage is saving on hydraulic equipment. You only need one hydraulic system for operating.” In the meantime the first three deck cranes with light mast function are delivered and a fourth is in order. The light mast function is also possible in a rescue crane (MOB).

Three light mast solutions

As well as the deck crane with light mast function the Hydromar engineers developed two other options. The double telescopic light mast is fully standardized. The triple telescopic light mast is custom build. During the Monaco Yacht Show, to be held from 26 to 29 September, Hydromar will bring all the information about the different light mast solutions.

Product range:

  • double telescopic light mast fully standardized
  • triple telescopic light mast custom build
  • deck crane combined with light mast function