How we work

Hydromar is a collaborative supplier of hydraulic equipment. We approach hydraulics from the needs of our customers. With a focus on excellent quality, craftsmanship and reliability. We work together with the best suppliers of materials and parts such as stainless steel railings, glass fiber optics, LED lighting, teak, and certification. SMI and ESV are specialists in processing high-grade aluminium and stainless steel into half-fabricate products ready to be assembled in our workshop and delivered to your superyacht.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the superyacht business dealing with class regulations and flag state requirements. This benefits the yacht crew and ensures them that they work with proven, well-tested equipment complying with all class requirements LY2/3, MCA and SOLAS.

After the successful launch of the superyacht, Hydromar is available for any requests regarding warranty, after-sales, certification, spare parts, repairs and refits.

After coming to an agreement with our customer this is how we do it:

  1. briefing the team
  2. start engineering in cooperation with the shipyard
  3. approve of engineering by the shipyard
  4. production drawings for machining to SMI and/or ESV
  5. half-fabricate products arrive at Hydromar
  6. assembling hydraulic equipment
  7. Steel FAT, final FAT, testing and approving test
  8. disassembling
  9. parts at the painter
  10. assembling again at Hydromar
  11. testing by Hydromar and the customer
  12. final installation at the yard
  13. commissioning at the superyacht by Hydromar