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SEASCAPE bathing platforms

The SEASCAPE is a hydraulic moving bathing platform based on the core competence of Hydromar: tailor made equipment based on standard Hydromar solutions. The bathing platform is produced in several sizes in which variables are possible. This way Hydromar is able to engineer and produce exactly to the yacht’s requirements. With its unique crankshaft mechanism the stability of steps and platform are optimal. Hydromar can deliver the Seascape driven by rotary actuators or by cylinders driving a crankshaft system. The SEASCAPE is developed for superyachts from 30-85m.

High quality, stability, aesthetics and functional design are keywords embraced in the Hydromar Seascape.

Advantages in our scope of delivery:

  • a complete working system (incl. power pack and e-control)
  • incl. moving upper platform
  • semi custom made (in accordance with the yard/designer)

Are you interested in our bathing platform Seascape? Give us a call or send an e-mail to sales@hydromar.nl. We would be pleased to discuss the opportunities with you.


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