SEASTAIR SST-SH shifting from longitudinal box below deck

This type of side boarding ladder is very often used for sailing yachts and motor yachts with low … and is shifting horizontal from below deck level. Available in three (3) sizes and optional as a 90° slewing (SL) version or a 180° slewing (SL180) version.. See specifications.


SST-SH-1 max. 6 steps
SST-SH-1-SL max. 6 steps
SST-SH-1-SL180 max. 6 steps
SST-SH-2 max. 9 steps
SST-SH-2-SL max. 9 steps
SST-SH-2-SL180 max. 9 steps
SST-SH-3 max. 17 steps
SST-SH-3-SL max. 17 steps
SST-SH-3-SL180 max. 17 steps

Be aware that the specifications can be tailored within our standardized solutions. In consultation with Hydromar you are able to find the right ladder solution for your superyacht.


Profile height size 1160mm
Profile height size 2200mm
Profile height size 3240mm
typical ladder width (mm)500-800mm


S/Y Ningaloo
S/Y Unfurled
S/Y Heureka
S/Y Shogun
S/Y Escapade
S/Y Lady B