SEAWALK SW4 – 6.0 until 9.0m

This type of gangway is available as a non-telescopic, single (T), double and triple telescopic (TTT) and or slewing (SL) version. See specifications.


SW4 (non- telescopic)
SW4-SL (non-telescopic)
SW4-T (single telescopic)
SW4-SL-T (slewing, single telescopic)
SW4-TT (double telescopic)
SW4-SL-TT (slewing, double telescopic)
SW4-TTT (triple telescopic)
SW4-SL-TTT (slewing, triple telescopic)


Typical yacht length50 – 75m
Typical reach outside trunk6.0 – 9.0m
Standard trunk height400mm
Typical trunk width700 – 900mm


M/Y Cloud 9
M/Y Galactica Super Nova
M/Y Quinta Essentia
M/Y Laurentia
M/Y Yersin
M/Y Opari-III
M/Y Galactica Star