Door systems

Product serie 800

Hydromar’s door systems are part of our special product range. We have the capacity to tailor all kinds of hydraulic superyacht door solutions to any project requirements and yacht design.

Hull doors, balcony doors, transom doors, pivoting bulwarks and deck hatches are examples of the door systems we deliver. We are able to design, engineer and produce total turnkey solutions, but in accordance with the yard we also supply only the mechanical parts

Hull doors with difficult shapes which cannot be equipped with C-hinges can often instead be designed with sliding hinge systems (SHS System), which have the doors slide out before setting into the hinges. The main advantages of this system are easy installation and a better clear opening of the hull door for launching the tender.

We deliver for example:

  • Hull doors (tender garages)
  • Balcony doors
  • Foldable bulwarks
  • Deck hatches (MOB)
  • Transom hatches and doors
  • Complete gangway hatches
  • Pantograph hinges for gangway hatches
  • C-hinges for hatches
  • Pantograph hatches
  • Hull door sliding hinge system

Please give us a call or send an e-mail to sales@hydromar.nl when you need more information or a technical drawing. We are looking forward to answer your questions.