Deck Cranes

A self-revolving deck crane of Hydromar is constructed to the design standards for modern lifting in a marine environment. The range of Hydromar models suits every operation. Our deck cranes are stronger than most and offer an outstanding ease of operation with a wide range of standard drives, hydraulics and controls.

The base frame and boom are made entirely of stainless steel, though on special request fabrication in aluminium is also available. Every Hydromar deck crane leaves the factory having completed a full test program for loading and functionally.

Interested in our deck cranes? Give us a call or send an e-mail to sales@hydromar.nl. We would be pleased to discuss the opportunities with you.

General specifications

  • Each type of crane is suitable for either Cargo, MOB and SOLAS purposes as well as combined purposes in one crane. Please contact Hydromar for the possibilities.
  • The crane can do all its functions under complete load, and in all positions.
  • Crane will have standard single sector control (sensors for max CW and CCW -total 345 degrees as mentioned- and sensors for topping down below the specified minimal working angle in stored position).
  • Material: full stainless steel or light weight full aluminium.
  • Painted in a full yacht paint system. Topcoat delivered by yard to rule out color differences.
  • All proportional valves for controlling the crane are mounted in the crane’s base frame.
  • In case of emergency the valve set can be manually controlled.
  • Power should come from the enclosed power pack (separate Hydromar delivery).
  • The construction of the foundation has to be checked by the ships constructor to be sure that the larger forces of the crane can be taken by the foundation!
  • All cylinders are maid from stainless steel.
  • Every Hydromar deck crane leaves the factory having completed a full test program for loading and functionality.

Be aware that the specifications can be tailored within our standardized solutions. In consultation with Hydromar you are able to find the right deck crane solution for your superyacht.