In 2016 Dutch hydraulic equipment supplier Hydromar re-developed their sliding hinge door system (SHS system) for the super yacht industry.

Based on previous delivered systems, Hydromar further developed this hinge system for the French superyacht builder Couach. The system has been installed in the 44m MY Tosca superyacht which was launched in late 2016.

The main advantages for this hinge system are easy installation and a better clear opening in the hull door opening to launch the tender.

This sliding hinge system replaces the traditional C-hinges when these C-hinges cannot be used for whatever reason.
In combination with a Hydromar sliding beam this tender garage arrangement provides a high quality solution with optimal clearance between door, hull and tender.

Hydromar offers four standardized build sizes for the SHS systems, categorized by door weight and stroke. Although the systems are based on standard solutions, they can be fully tailor made to the superyacht garage design.

The key feature in the sliding hinge movement is first to slide the hull door outwards horizontally (stroke) by means of the sliding cylinders. When the door is moved out far enough, the opening cylinders will rotate the door upwards creating a maximum opening for the garage crane to launch the tender. Due to this combined movement, the garage door will not hit rubrails and or hull due to the rounded shape of the hull and the door.

You can read all about the Silding Hinge System at the productpage.