The superyacht industry was waiting for a high quality bathing platform. Therefore Hydromar Marine Equipment developed a solid hydraulic bathing platform, the SEASCAPE. Now Hydromar is pleased to announce the new order of four XXL hydraulic bathing platforms for the Norwegian shipyard VARD who is building these four high end cruise vessels for Ponant. The XXL SEASCAPE bathing platforms are intended for a new serie of explorer cruise ships, the Ponant Explorers. The first Explorer will arrive for the summer of 2018, the others will arrive for summer 2019. The SEASCAPE’S will be delivered including powerpacks and closing top hatches.

The ships are a new generation of ships specially designed for expeditions. They are designed to gain access to the most inaccessible locations and to go further, where others do not go. Reliability and maximum security are very important for the Explorers. One of the new developments is a hydraulic aft platform in order to provide:
• Easier boarding than on any other cruise ship
• Easier Zodiac embarkation and disembarkation for expeditions
• Easier access to the sea for swimming and practising various water sports such as kayaking or paddle-boarding

Because of the size of 127m. and the particular working conditions where the impressive Explorers will operate in, we had to design a SEASCAPE version twice the size of the existing design. The original design of the SEASCAPE is able to handle a load of 1 ton, The XXL SEASCAPE will be able to handle a load of 4 tons. Also the bathing platforms will have 11 self-inclining steps. The dimensions of the platforms are 5x6m (L x W).

High quality, stability, aesthetics and functional design are keywords embraced in the Hydromar SEASCAPE.