Light masts

Light mast

The Hydromar Light mast is a standardised product in our program since 2018. Several years before this, the light mast was build on request of a costumer. With the standardisation it is now a reliable and cost efficient solution for your yacht. Hydromar engineers developed three options: a double telescopic light mast, this is a fully standardized solution, a triple telescopic light mast which is custom build and a deck crane combined with a light mast function.

The double and triple telescopic light masts are completely build from stainless steel and can be extended to a height up to 10 meters. The signal and anchor lights can be mounted with a tailor made bracket. The mast can be fully retracted into its housing to create a flush surface with the deck.

The Hydromar deck cranes can also be equipped with a standard navigation light solution. The lights will be mounted on the crane beam and will function as a light mast in its upright position. The light mast function is also possible in a rescue crane (MOB).

All light mast solutions can be deployed at a touch of a button an can be integrated in to the Hydromar hydraulic system

Are you interested in our deck crane with light mast function? Give us a call or send an e-mail to our sales department. We would be pleased to discuss the opportunities with you.


  • Double telescopic light mast fully standardized
  • Triple telescopic light mast custom build
  • Deck crane combined with light mast function


M/Y Planet Nine
M/Y Laurentia
Admiral 577
M/Y Galvas
M/Y Senses