Today our holding compagny the SMI Group in the Netherlands announces the acquisition of the Swissway brand per January 1st 2018. As Swissway srl did stop its activities per end of 2017, the SMI group formed the new company Swissway Marine Holland b.v. and has taken over the Swissway brand and her assets to continue the Swissway brand and to continue the delivery of this smart boarding equipment for yachts up to 30m.

The takeover of the brand and its IP will complete SMI’s existing yachting industry business by extending its footprint and strengthening its portfolio towards yachts sizes from 15-30m. With the cooperation of the old Swissway srl, the assembly of Swissway boarding equipment will move from Italy to the Netherlands by the end of January 2018.  The general management will be executed by Rob Montijn, who is also managing director of Hydromar Marine Equipment, of course followed by dedicated Swissway personal from the 2nd week of January.
Swissway will be the first Dutch producer of series produced boarding equipment for yachts up to 30 m. SMI believes that clever Swiss ‘design’ and Dutch production philosophy gives the best value for money for boarding equipment for yachts up to 30 m.

SMI states that clients will benefit from the Swissway brand in the European yacht business, in particular for the quality, communication and aftersales of Swissway based on Dutch philosophy and experience. Together with sister companies Hydromar Marine Equipment and Cramm Yachting Systems, Swissway will create a long term value as a stronger market player in the European (super)yacht business.

Swissway delivers series products of boarding equipment by agents in The Netherlands, France, Sweden and Slovenia to yacht builders all over Europe, with Internavis -settled both in Holland and Southern France- as one of the main agents. SMI Group is, in cooperation with Hydromar and Internavis, in the process of reviewing its future route to boost the Swissway brand into a higher level. They will provide further detail when appropriate.

SMI Group
Initially a local machining and construction company, the SMI Group has developed into a high level modern technology supplier.
The SMI Group is a preferred supplier of customised aluminium, steel and stainless steel components and equipment to clients in the onshore, offshore, maritime, defence, and (super and mega) yacht sectors.
The group currently consists of six production companies. Three companies operating in industrial works being SMI Metal Working and SMI Offshore and SMI Sheet Metal Working. Three companies operating in the yachting industry being Cramm Yachting Systems , Helicopter Landing Systems and Hydromar Marine Equipment. A seventh production company is now added to the group being Swissway Marine Holland bv.
The SMI Group is a family-owned business, founded in 1980 in Dokkum, The Netherlands. The owners are the Spijksma brothers and the SMI group has over 150 employees and a turnover of about 25milj.

Swissway Marine Holland b.v.
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NL-8912 AW Leeuwarden
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