Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders have been parts of the Hydromar production program for more than 50 years. The hydraulic cylinders designed by Hydromar are fully customized to the requirements of the yacht.

Hydromar produces all kind of hydraulic cylinders. Were in the past Hydromar produced cylinders for rigging of super sailing yachts, nowadays we supply cylinders for opening and locking of all kind  of hull doors and applications. The majority is for example for motor yachts with hull side garage doors, locking of side boarding ladders and gangway hatches.

To summarise Hydromar can engineer and produce:

  • Opening cylinders for hatches and doors
  • Locking cylinders
  • Halyard tensioners
  • Stay tensioners
  • Boomvangs

When our extensive standard range does not cover your needs or if you require a personal touch, Hydromar can be your partner in your custom requirements. Please give us a call or send an e-mail to sales@hydromar.nl when you need more information. We would be pleased to tell you all about the opportunities we offer.

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