Hydromar Product series 670 bathing platforms

Hydromar produces two series of bathing platforms: platforms that protrude from a trunk and the Seascape model, which is based on a Z-shaped movement. Both are hydraulic moving bathing platforms based on Hydromar’s core competence – tailor-made equipment based on standard solutions – and both are delivered in several standardised sizes.

The SSW series come in two standard sizes and are constructed like a boarding ladder. They can be delivered with or without a bottom platform and are constructed entirely in stainless steel.

The Seascape, with its unique crankshaft mechanism, represents a major boost to the stability of the steps and platform. It comprises two sets of cylinders which drive the unique crankshaft system. The Seascape is always delivered with a complete and tailored platform. The Seascape come in three standard sizes and a special size XXL.

High quality, stability, aesthetics and functional design are the keywords underlying the Hydromar Seascape. The main dimensions of the platform are, naturally, within the standardised variables.

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