Hydromar garage crane

In the running of a yacht, hydraulics are the only reliable way to move heavy items on and off board. A Hydromar garage crane can raise and lower equipment such as a rescue boat safely in and out of the superyacht.

Hydromar provides two lines of designs for a garage crane:
– sliding beam cranes in single or double crane arrangement
– slewing beam cranes in single or double crane arrangement

Sliding beam cranes (SSL)
Conventional sliding beam cranes or overhead beam cranes are now mostly used in garage areas. Hydromar delivers these garage cranes with SWL from 500 to 4000 kg per arm in four standard sizes. They are often used as single arm cranes for smaller tenders or jet skis. Tenders on larger yachts are often launched alongside with a set of two sliding beam cranes.

Slewing beam cranes (SSB)
Slewing beam cranes are used to create a fully flexible tender garage layout. As the cranes are mounted to the bulkheads of the tender garage, the deck construction can be lower and lighter compared to when fixed sliding beam cranes are used. With this configuration, tenders and toys are stored in the garage in a convenient and flexible way, and it is possible to change the garage layout or tender without replacing the cranes.

Technical specifications

TypeTypical situationSWLBoom lengthTilting moment
(SWL x reach)    
SSL-0.5Jet ski operation250 – 500 kg2 – 4 m1-2 tonm
SSL-1Cargo – MOB <500GT850 – 1500 kg2.5 – 5  m2-4-6 tonm
SSL-2MOB / SOLAS >500GT1500 – 4000 kg2.5- 6 m6-9-12 tonm
SSL-3MOB / SOLAS >500GT2000 – 3000  kg3 – 6 m9-12-15 tonm
SSB-1Cargo – MOB / SOLAS >500GT850 – 2200 kg0.5 – 3.5 m4-6-9 tonm
SSB-2Cargo – MOB / SOLAS >500GT2000 – 4000  kg0.75 – 4.5 m9-12-15 tonm