deck cranes for superyachts

Hydromar’s revolving deck cranes comply with all the latest design standards for modern lifting appliances in a marine environment. The range of our models covers every possible use. Our deck cranes are stronger than most, come with a wide range of standard drives, hydraulics and controls, and offer outstanding ease of operation.

The standard base frame and boom are made entirely of stainless steel, although we can also produce them in aluminium if required. No Hydromar deck crane leaves the factory until it has undergone a full test programme for loading and functionality and received the accompanying test certificates.

The specifications below apply to our standardised solutions. If they do not correspond to your needs, please contact us. We will find the right deck crane solution for your superyacht.

There are many options within the three major design lines, related to lifting functionality, knuckle booms, single or double telescopic booms, low profile versions, etc.

TypeTypical stuation SWLBoom length Tilting moment
SHCargo – MOB <500GT400 – 900 kg3 – 5 m 2.5 – 4 tonm
SCCargo – MOB <500GT1000 – 4000 kg3 – 8 m 4 – 18 tonm
SLMOB / SOLAS >500GT850 – 2500 kg4 – 7 m 4 – 15 tonm

Take a look at, for example, the knuckle boom crane we build for M/Y Razan or the rescue tender MOB crane for M/Y Amore Mio.