Wobbe Bron - Head of Production at HydromarOur team of professionals is growing and we would like you to meet them. Today we will introduce Wobbe Bron, our new head of production.

Hi! My name is Wobbe Bron. I started my career as head of production at Hydromar in march 2020. This means I’m responsible for the workshop and a team of expert mechanics. I have a bachelor degree in management. In my previous jobs I came across Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

At Hydromar I will use this experience to improve the production processes. My goal is to create a continuous improving environment at Hydromar that gives us the possibility to reach operational excellence. I’m a team player, helping and working in a team gives me great energy.

I have chosen for Hydromar because of the really nice products that there are created. The combination to work in a small dedicated team with the challenging technical aspects makes this a varied an challenging  job. My affinity with ship-building/marine equipment was triggered

when I started sailing when I was a little boy.

When I’m not at work you can find me at home in the garden or remodeling the house. I live together with my wife and two kids in a farmhouse. This means there is always work around the house 😊.