Hydromar adjustments due to Corona virus 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) requires adjustments from all of us.

To prevent the virus from spreading and keep our employees and visitors save, we have changed the policy for company visits since two weeks now. In accordance with the national Dutch guidelines (RIVM), we as Hydromar try to temporarily limit external personal contact as much as practically is possible.

Due to minimizing the contacts inside the company and due to the fact that we have to keep 1,5 m from each other, all office people is working from home as much as possible. Keeping 1,5 m apart is challenging in the factory and it does regretfully influence efficiency. Of course our service engineers are not able to make their normal visits for commissioning or services until the world is “free for travels” again. You are therefore kindly requested to use technical means for communication as much as possible. (Facetime, Skype, telephone, mail, etc).

If personal contact ( a visit) with one of our employees is necessary, we ask you to fill in our visitor form to assess the risk of Corona contamination. Your host can provide you with the form or you can find it on our website. We thrust that you understand this situation.